Training course: “Effective communication and presentation skills”

Presentations have now become an essential part of everyone’s daily life in a different working environment. the issue of concern here is that you are really interested in this job? And moreover, are you really confident that you’re an engaging speaker?

Receiving the truth of the Board of Director of Vietnam Technique and Industry Joint Stock Company

INTECH, AAA successfully organized the training course: “effective communication and presentation after 2 days of exciting training, you were able to stand in front of the crowd to confidently present. Not only that, though this training course, people more cohesion, shared their wishes about leadership, aspirations for an increasing developing future of the company. Seeing our students’ enthusiasm for learning, shaking hands with the General Director and receiving compliments from him, we have more motivation and pride.

Thank you, INTECH Company, for inspiring us to organize more successful trainning courses”

Course name: Effective communication and presentation skills

Implementing entity: AAA Training and Communication Consulting Joint Stock Company

Customer: Vietnam Technique and Industry Joint Stock Company – INTECH

Number of students: 70

Training date: 29/8/2019

Venue: Vietnam Technique and Industry Joint Stock Company – INTECH

Instructor: Nguyen Tuan Anh