Mobifone – Long term connection

AAA the operation and management of customer care program – KNDN of MoniFone Telecommunications Corporation from 2011 to the present

With the operation of Long Term Connection, AAA seeks more than 50 partners each year, negotiate deals and sign contracts with more than 50 partners. Every month the card is issued to 220,000 QND members. AAA Management partners links professional guidance; supply quality management; training organizations; solve questions and requests of associate partners; and also carry out promotion programs for Member; implementation of the program.

AAA also accept feedback from members of the Call Center for answering question and complaints of Members; supporting members to use the service at partners; Members’ report. And operate the KNDN Web to update newn information; compilation of electronic newsletters; message content … AAA implements the payment procedures with associated partners: checking Member’s service usage records; provide complete payment records for MBF ….

From 2016 until now, AAA has managed and operated the Customer Care Program, we also managed and operated the promotion programs on mConnect m’s MobiFone application. mConnect is an application that offers to mobiFone customers at the affiliated stores in the fields of Food, Entertainment, Beauty, Education, Health Care. MobiFone customers, when installing and using the application, will receive a special code for use at stores in form of discounts, points, and redemption points.