Communication campaign for Lexus products

Client: Toyota Motor Vietnam

Product: Lexus – GX IMP, LX MC, RX MC

Agency: AAA

Period: 10/2019-03/2020

More than 1 year affected by Decree 116 of the Government, Lexus did not carry out any media campaign. Vietnam Motor Show 2019 is the right time to “reheat” the brand and launch the latest versions of GX, LX, RX cars – the top SUV of Lexus.

Communication goal

Lexus aims at 2 clear communication goal:

– In terms of brand: Lexus wants to affirm the brand level, mention Lexus is the brand width luxurious lifestyle, bringing great experience to each customer.

– In term of products: Introducing SUV products with many improvements and upgrades in design and technology in 2020. Though which Lexus both want to maintain the current customer file and want to reach young customers, style from G3 (G3 – customers from German automakers).

Communication activities

AAA’s mission is to build and plan communication for 3 vehicles from October 2019 to the end of March 2020. Specifically, with the following main activities: concept proposing concepts for the photos, setting up the content of PR articles, booking video production, making media reports

The communication camthe Vietpaign was deployed in two phases: after the Vietnam Motor Show (10-12 /2019) and when the RX 300 was launched in Vietnam (March 2020)


So far, the GX IMP, LX MC, RX MC product communication campaign has contributed to increasing product and brand identity, bringing the image of Lexus back to the car market after more than a year of interruption:

– the set of Lexus photos taken at the Ho Tram resort is used as the main document throughout the campaign, which is rated as “contributing no the beauty of luxury, a schedule for 3 cars GX, LX, RX” – Lexus Viet Nam

– The PR Article: In total, the campaign has 445 PR articles, of which 16 pail media and 29 earned media PR articles appear in the top 1 position on major media channels (VNexpress, Dan Tri, Zing news..) and the leading automobile channels in Vietnam (Otofun, Otosaigon, Autopro, Carlife…)

to solve the problem, both provide information about 3 GX products, RX, GX, LX and convey the message, brand image of Lexus, AAA has used diverse and flexible form of PR articles ( emagazine, longform, infographic, image, video ). The content of the articles focuses on exploiting the most outstanding points of the product, enhancing the actual experience of customers thereby incorporating content about the brand.

– Car review: Two Lexus RX review videos on two channels, Autodaily and Otosaigon, the top fanpage for the car, were well received by readers with over 80% positive feedback, reaching nearly 200000 views.

Most importantly, though PR articles, AAA vehicle evaluation videos have cleverly conveyed the message of Lexus: is a luxury lifestyle brand, offering a great exprience for each customer.